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Are you dreading the holidays? 
What if it's possible to meet this season with hope instead of stress?

Imagine what having your home, health and schedule in better working order would feel like. With this course, that hope is within reach! Meet the experts who will guide you there,
while keeping t
he True Reason for the Season in mind.

Meet the Experts

Carolyn Headshot - Carolyn Ruiz.JPG

FASTer Way

Carolyn Ruiz is a certified FASTer Way Coach. She is passionate about helping busy women ditch the diets and learn how to support their bodies to have the energy they need to live out the things God has placed on their hearts. In her module, you'll discover how to bring "Buddy the Elf" energy to the season.


Build a Country Home

Tessa Weenink is a life coach for overwhelmed moms and helps them learn to thrive in their role by simplifying homemaking, motherhood and life. She believes that all of society is built on families and, therefore, our role within our home is our most important one. In her module, you'll learn how to get quality help from the kids to make holiday preparations a family affair.


Kelly, clutterLESS

Kelly Sakmar is the owner of clutterLESS, a professional organizing company. She loves helping busy families create homes with less clutter and more peace! In her module, you'll learn how to bless your family, and yourself, with the gift of organization.

Screen Shot 2023-11-14 at 7.58.05 AM - Brittany White.jpg

Tiffany & Brittany, The Deliberate Day

Brittany White is an expert meal and life planner, and Tiffany Parke is a professional encourager. Together, they are the founders and owners of The Deliberate Day. In their module, you’ll organize your holiday ‘like a mother’ getting feasts, baking, gift giving, and more planned…and best of all, you’ll set-up “January You” for success!

From now through Cyber Monday (November 27),
grab this course, 
complete with video modules & printable workbooks!

Over $199 value for only $49

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