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Do you resent your home as a source of stress and wish it was a peaceful sanctuary instead?

Join me in Your clutterLESS Christ-Centered Home!

Looking for my step-by-step organizing process & general tips? Get your FREE GUIDE here

Need more support & feeling called by the Lord to do this work? You’re in the right place!!!

I help busy families create homes with less clutter & more peace.

Together, we will work alongside the Lord, with a huge helping of grace, to minimize clutter in your home. At the end of our process, we’ll create manageable systems to maintain a clutterLESS, Christ-Centered lifestyle.

Still wondering if this course is for you?

  • Are you overwhelmed by clutter or feeling like you’re drowning in excess? 

  • Are you often frustrated & find yourself snapping at your family because you feel like the only one who is tackling the problem?

  • Do you wish you could finally “get your home under control” so you could focus on more important things, like your relationship with the Lord and discipling your family?

Throughout the course, here is what we’ll focus on:

Available for ONE payment of $149!

What if I told you I could help alleviate these challenges and more
while connecting the dots to our Christian Faith? 
This is my mission in Your clutterLESS Christ-Centered Home! 

Meet Your Teacher

My name is Kelly Sakmar. I’m a practicing Catholic & recovering perfectionist. I’ve been married to my dear husband for 15 years & counting. Together, we’ve been blessed with 4 beautiful children!


I founded clutterLESS over 5 years ago because I LOVE helping busy families create homes with less clutter & more peace. It has been an absolute blessing to serve my family, countless others & the Lord by sharing my gifting in this way.


My organizing process always meets you where you are, without judgment, and works to guide you to where you want to be, with grace.

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